Why choose .PK Domain for your Website?

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There are many reasons why you should go for .PK domain extension for your next website project. One of the biggest reasons is that .PK domains give you better branding and visibility (as it refers that your business is operating in Pakistan) and also gets you better ranked in Search Engines!

Here are some other cool reasons why you should go for .PK domains:

  • Get unique names! .com is occupied heavily and there are more chances that you can find a unique brand name easily on .pk extension
  • Local identity: Your business/brand conveys clearly to visitors that you operate in Pakistan and therefore has better chances of growth
  • Matching names: If you already own a .com domain and have not reserved .pk extension, do it now, before anyone else takes your local identity and beats your brand!


Search .PK Domain now and book your name right away!

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